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At KCA, our goal is to provide a solid academic and sound Biblical foundation for each student.

We will give a benchmark screening three times a year to gauge growth over the school year. We use the AimsWeb+ program.

We will also be giving the Stanford Achievement Test, a Nationally Standardized test, at the end of the year, as per state requirements for grades 3-7.


More info on AimsWeb+ and SAT10 test can be found at

History/Social Studies

The social studies curriculum works to increase the student's understanding of history and geography, gradually deeping their level of exposer and research as children mature through the lower grades.  Courses are designed to make history and geography come alive for the sutdents using various forms of information such as research, biographies, historical fiction, artwork and illustations, field trips, guest speakers, music, food, architecture, etc.

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Grades 3-6 are taught using the Purposeful Design curriculum.  It is a inquiry-based, hands-on approach to science instructions that will give your students numerous opportunities to discovery principles and truths of God's creation.

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Saxon Math is a comprehensive and highly regarded mathematics curriculum designed for students from kindergarten through high school. It focuses on building a strong foundation of mathematical skills through a carefully structured approach that includes incremental development and continual review. Saxon Math emphasizes problem-solving, critical thinking, and real-world applications, enabling students to gain a deep understanding of mathematical concepts and achieve long-term success in their mathematical journey.


English/ Language Arts

Our language arts curriculum begins with the basic of phonics as we teach students to read.  Rules of grammar are taught early so that our students excel in writing and spelling in the elementary years.  Students are introduced to high quality literature where their reading ability is carefully monitored to ensure a reasonable level of proficiency, adequate comprehension, and fluency in oral and silent reading.

Bible Program

We begin each day with a chapel service and have daily Bible classes for all grade levels.  Our Bible classes are designed to develop Bible literacy, a knowledge of church history, and a strong faith and Christian consciousness.


The church of Christ has no outside doctrine or creed and uses nothing other than God's inspired Word, the Bible.  Because of this, all Bible classes will be taught from the Bible only.

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Special Activities

Monday through Thursday will be filled with rigorous academics, but on Fridays the students can look forward to field trips, special activities, hands on learning from visitors, and so much more!


We have weekly club meetings on Friday nights including: Chess, Gaming, Cooking, Theatre, and more.

We are also members of the National Junior Beta Club.

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