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What is Jr. Beta Club?

The purpose of the Kimball Christian Academy Elementary and Junior Beta Club is to promote the ideals of character, service, and leadership while rewarding achievement.  The KCA Beta Club is an honor/service club for 4th - 7th-grade students only. These students are chosen by the faculty and approved by the principal based on their academic achievement, behavior, and wish to be of service to our school and community. 


The motto of The National Beta Club is "Let Us Lead By Serving Others." This motto, more than simply a catchy phrase, states the philosophy upon which The National Beta Club is based. Service to others is indeed one of the most important characteristics of Beta Club membership. Service projects will address needs in our school and community by Beta members throughout the school year.


More information will be given out at the meetings.  

Membership Qualifications

Membership is a privilege and not a right. The qualifications for membership on the part of the student shall be (a) worthy, moral and ethical character, (b) good mentality, (c) creditable achievement, and (d) commendable attitude.  All students must be performing on or above grade level and maintain a 90 average in each class.  


*Dues are $25 each year for Elementary Beta students (grades 4 & 5)  who are already active; dues are $50 for new inductees.  

*Dues are $30 each year for Junior Beta students (grades 6 & 7) who are already members in good standing; dues are $60 for new inductees.


These dues will go towards service projects and the annual induction ceremony.


As a part of the KCA Beta Club, we have the opportunity to attend the Tennessee State Convention each November and the National Convention in June. 


The dates for this year are:

Tennessee State Convention - November 18-21, 2023 in Nashville, Tennessee National Beta Convention - June 10-16, 2024 in Savannah, Georgia.

If you have any questions regarding the Kimball Christian Academy Beta Club, please reach out to Jennifer Jones at

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