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2022 John Lofty.jpg

John Lofty


3rd-6th grade Math and Science Educator

  • BA Applied Sociology 

  • BA Elementary Education 1-6

  • BA Secondary Education Sociology 9-10

  • MS Administration and Supervision; Principal Permit

  • 30+ years teaching/supervising experience

Jesi Hoschar

Assistant Director
Kindergarten Educator

  • BS Human Ecology: Child and Family Studies- PreK-4th

  • Experience in both public school education and homeschool education

2022 Jesi Hoschar.jpg
2022 Jody Lofty.jpg

Jody Lofty

Volunteer Program Coordinator
School Psychologist
1st/2nd Educator

  • BS Elementary and Middle Education

  • MS School Psychology

  • 20+ years teaching experience

Billy Watkins

Bible Program Coordinator
Daily Bible Class Educator
Daily Chapel Leader

  • BA History and Bible

  • MA Bible

  • MA Education

  • Master of Religious Education

  • Master of Theology

  • EDS

  • 30+ years of teaching experience

2022 Billy Watkins.jpg
2022 Jennifer Jones.jpg

Jennifer Jones

3rd-6th Language Arts and Social Studies Educator

  • BS Communications

  • 30+ years teaching preschool and elementary Bible classes

Molli Tipton

Pre-K 3s and 4s

After School Program

  • 7+ years Early Childhood Development

2022 Molli Tipton.jpg

Lt. Scott Evans

Safety and Security

  •  30+ years of law enforcement experience

  • Staff CPR, First Aid and AED training

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